Tim Kaine for Vice President 2016

Is this the face of a future president of The United States?

Senator Tim Kaine, a Democratic candidate for Vice President in 2016

In recent weeks a serious concerns have been raised about health of democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton. Is Tim Kaine our future president? Are American people supporting Hillary Clinton in fact casting their November ballots for Hillary Clinton or Tim Kaine.

AMERICA, do you want Tim Kaine to be your vice president in 2016 presidential election?

Vice President candidate Tim Kaine, please support our heroes!

Support Those That Support Our Veterans!

Support Those That Support Our Veterans!

Timothy Michael "Tim" Kaine was born on February of 1958. He is an American attorney and politician serving as the junior United States Senator from Virginia. Tim Kaine is a Democrat, that supports the right to chose, but does not believe in it.

" I have faith-based opposition", he wrote on his campaign's website. " ...read more

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